With flowers been done a lot, here we have tried and get your attention to these magnificent leaves! leaves in gold Jaali, represented by studded emeralds & even overlaid by a beautiful forms of in gold. This earring has been kept light on the usage of techniques while we have gone far with trying to capture & bring to you the beauty of these green coloured leaves. View Catalog

Redefine beauty with this stunning & vibrant turquoise enamelled Chaand Bali. Studded with Polkis and emeralds, this earring truly captures elegance at its best. Inspired from the floral patterns, this Chaand Bali hangs off from your ears like an exquisite flower. View Catalog

The paisley & pear forms make this earring come together in a classic combination of modern & traditional. Polkis, diamonds add the elegance to this piece while letting the 18kt gold take the centre stage & weave it's magic through the floral patterns intricately inside each form. View Catalog